Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The new development will provide sufficient car parking for the extra guests and may reduce car parking as a whole with the introduction of the electric car club. Parking currently is not fully utilized on an annual basis, however the new plan allows for underground parking at the new building.


Electric Club Car

You may ask "What is the Electric Car Club and how will it work"? The electric car club is a convenient and affordable way to get around the island to tour, go to your favorite local restaurant or explore a secluded beach. The car club is an “app” based program that can be downloaded to your mobile that enables owners and guests to reserve an electric vehicle for a few hours or even for the day. The car club creates a hassle-free way to organize your on-island transportation after arrival.


Grace Bay Beach

There is space on the beach to accommodate the additional 26 micro suites and four two-bedroom units with an average occupancy of 2.2 guests per suite. The east side of the beach is currently under-utilized and provides an additional beach area for more guests. The new development will also assist in providing new and additional beach furniture for the RWI resort as a whole.


New Facilities & Amenities

The new facilities will be available to all RWI owners and guests. The facilities will target new business segments, which includes business travelers, singles, specialty segments (eg. dive market), small groups and "short stay quick turnaround” (eg. guests overnighting and on their way to other islands within the Turks & Caicos). These segments will provide a new dimension to RWI and help further build the brand and its repeat clientele for the resort in its entirety.


Staff Facilities

Royal West Indies is not Royal West Indies without its staff. They are the most important element of the resort and new facilities will be provided. The facilities will include a canteen area, lockers, shower facilities, WiFi access and other staff-related amenities.



Construction is intended to start on site in September and the site can be accessed of Leeward Highway without disruption to the resort’s existing car parking or reception areas. In addition, pre-construction landscaping, debris netting and decorative construction fencing will be used as necessary to preserve the aesthetic nature of the current site.


Room Inventory

The new development will consist of 26 micro condo units and four two-bedroom units. The room inventory through the reservations system will operate separately from the current rotation. The new rooms will be named under a different category. The existing RWI will continue to benefit from competitive regional marketing to North America, UK and Europe and will still focus on its current core market segments.



Our stance to “preserve and conserve” will continue. Royal West Indies currently recycles its garbage off site and has several conservation initiatives in place for owners and guests. This initiative was introduced in collaboration with the Strata executive board in 2013 and will also be transitioned into the new development. This is evident with the addition of the electric club car program as well as others that will come on stream over the medium term.


Wastewater Treatment

Currently RWI has an existing contract and line connection with the local Provo water company. It is proposed that the new development will plan for its own independent wastewater treatment plant.